The story of flexanime.

First, i was just driving in my car next to my uncle, he said: “Hey Joel why don’t you start your own business since the delivery from china is huge and you know.” At this point, we had a conversation over a few months till I decided to found this. So I HAD started with Shopify but I didn’t really have the patience then to actually do anything with it then my 14-day trial ran out. So after a few weeks of being sad, I had this opportunity but if I DIDNT have this then I wouldn’t even BE here. So this person Neil Hudges gave me an opportunity to sell things on HIS website so I did. We only had 3 T-shirts at the time for months. So then we got bored of that and started working on another website it was powered for free by Square. I had that done but then it actually got popular and now… I’m here! Everyone helped me on this journey and I am SO grateful and glad that i even got to do this because its just fun. I generally thank everyone once again like I cant imagine what I would be doing right now I wasn’t here. I wouldn’t be fit and healthy i would probably be i would be sitting at my desk right now being fat and just doing things I didn’t need to for example just shoveling McDonald’s in my face ALL day. It was honestly surprising when I first got told about it. I always wanted money and just to please people’s day. As I’ve said it’s actually quite nice running this company because every night I get home I have the fun of going onto here editing it posting things it’s just do fun. Now we are almost at the end of the article but I just love u guys and if u are reading ALL the way to this point you are amazing and thankyou for even Viewing my website in the first place.